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Placenta Remedies - Under the Birch Tree

By Sam Birch

What can you do with your placenta and why?

There are four main ways you can use your placenta, the very common and most popular Dry capsules are the main consumption method.

1. Fresh placenta remedies - Absorption, Capsules and Smoothie

2. Dry capsules methods - Steamed and Raw

3. Remedies - Tincture, Essence, Cream, Balm and Oil

4. Art - Keepsakes of Blood Prints, Basic Dry Cord, Dream Catcher, Sun Catcher, Water Colour Painting and Photo Book.

1. Fresh remedies are the best way to consume your placenta as it holds your stem cells and they have the ability to repair any cell in your body. These are all done within 24 hours of your birth.

- Absorbing the cells is the best way to go and involves having small pieces prepared that you will put into the side of your cheek or under your tongue for a few minutes over a few hours after birth. Not everyone can handle this one so I came up with a way that is exclusive to Under the Birch Tree so you can avoid the obvious road blocks.

- Capsules that are prepared with fresh placenta give you the chance to use the placenta fresh but not see, taste or smell anything.

- Smoothie with fresh placenta is a traditional way to consume fresh placenta. I only use fresh organic fruit and pure water so not to complicate it with too many nutrients. It’s hard to believe but the smoothie only tastes like a regular fruit smoothie the placenta has no taste.

2. Dry capsules, the most popular way to consume your placenta, however there is no stem cells present in these remedies as they do not survive the processing.

- Steamed first is the traditional way it was done, and gives a slightly lower energy as it does in all of the nutrients, this is a great option for those the have issues with anxiety in their regular non pregnant life.

- Raw capsules are simply that, once your placenta has been cleansed and examined it is dried raw, this gives you more of everything in the placenta compared to the steamed version. You will will also get a slightly higher number of capsules.

3. Remedies are for after the Dry capsules for the later part of postpartum, they can support you for many years with stability and grounding much like a rescue remedy does only it is made from you so is tailored to you personally.

- Tincture takes 6 weeks to brew and is made on 40% Vodka, it can last a life time as you only use drops when needed.

- Essence is much the same as a tincture only it is also made on water and won’t last as long, it is ready to use after 24 hours of brewing. - Cream can be used for the face or on any dry skin areas, it is healing and nourishing to the skin and is made with a tincture from your placenta.

- Balm is amazing for baby use, it is also very healing to the skin and also acts as a barrier great. for nearly all skin conditions. All creams and balms are made with plant based organic ingredients and can be refilled for up to 5 years.

4. For a look at the options in Art work head over to my Instagram @underthebirchtree_ to see my work. I am always up for a challenge too so if you have an idea I’d love to try it!

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