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About Me ♡

My life as an Aromatherapist began when I was in my late teens. Following soon after, massage, reflexology & my Doula training with The Australian Doula College in 2013.

I was always the one to be invited to births of all my friends. My first Birth I attended was 27 years ago. The Australian Doula College gave me the accreditation & in depth learning I craved. Anything alternative, I wanted to learn about it.

Completing HypnoBirthing International Certification has been my final calling as a child birth educator. Empowering couples to be their best during the delivery of their child, well informed & to birth from a place of relaxed knowing is life changing.

Your birth story never leaves you, make it one to be proud of …

I couldn't even count the amount of treatments I've done over the last 27

years. Blending potions to suit every individuals needs. I have attended over 25 births & always feel blessed to be a part of such a miraculous event.

My website and social media presence has allowed me to reach more couples embarking on birth & parenting.

No matter what the situation every woman & man deserves the education & support & someone to believe in them. I hope to make them feel this way.

Your birth story stays with you for life & I hope to make a change to as many couples as I can so when they look back at their Birthing day they feel proud of their experience & empowered enough to share confidently.

When I look back on the testimonials of my couples the exchange of gratitude we share will forever warm my heart.

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