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Online Sacred Doula training is now OPEN for enrolment!

March 19 marks 1 year since I birthed my in person Doula training

and now the online component has almost landed!

My heart, soul & passion for returning Birth has been poured into this online version and I hope that you love it as much as we do!

Content will be available from May 1st, 2023, however you can grab your spot now!

Here is a brief insight of this self-paced online Doula training:

The online sacred Doula training consists of 12 modules including PDFs, never before seen home-birth video,

a recorded zoom session with myself and Jane Hardwicke- Collings talking all things supporting Women in the Birth Space.

I guide you to support women where ever they choose to birth, including free births, Caesarean births, including VBAC & HBAC.

Over the12 modules you will receive a deeper understanding of yourself to become a confident Doula in all aspects of Doula-ing.


This journey is guided by traditional healing rituals and practical skills for your personal growth to clear pathways for the Birth of you as a Doula.


If you have a deep calling to become a Doula or a slight nudge from your soul ~ this training is for you.♡


  • How to be a Doula and Have a Successful Business

  • Understanding All Aspects of Prenatal Care, Labor, and Postnatal Care

  • Working and Navigating with Healthcare Providers

  • Ability to Support the Family through Transition and rite of passage to Early Parenting

  • Anatomy & Physiology of the Birthing Body

  • Start-up Business and Marketing Skills … and SO MUCH MORE


  • 12 self-paced modules including videos & comprehensive pdf's

  • Self-Care Daily Rituals

  • Wise women guests

  • Rituals & ceremonies

  • Never before seen birth videos 

  • Online doula sisterhood

  • Deep Personal Growth and New Confidence



  • Online Sacred Doula

    Payment in Full for Online Sacred Doula Training
    • Payment in Full for Online Sacred Doula Training
  • Online Doula 4 x PP

    Every month
    Valid for 4 months
    • 4 x payments for Online Sacred Doula Training (NO DEPOSIT)

“Being a Doula invites you to live a life of full service to humanity in its highest form. It is the highest privilege known to womankind “
- Meaghan Amor

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