The word Doula ( pronounced doo-la) is becoming more common in the western world. Although having a Doula by your side at Birth dates back as far as ancient Greek times. The word Doula translates to "servant to woman".

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A Doula is hired to provide support for the birthing mum & couple, during the prenatal period, the birth & an agreed, postnatal time. 

The Doula provides information to the couple so they can make decisions around how they would like their birth to be. Whatever that may be, the role of the Doula is to support those choices & to assist in making the transition from pregnancy into motherhood as amazing & satisfying as possible.

The Doula views birth as a non-medical event. It is a miraculous & natural event in a woman's life.

Doula's work around the world has had some amazing outcomes. Did you know a Doula may decrease

Epidurals by 60%
Caesarean birth by 50%
Pictocin use by 40%
Narcotics use by 30%
Length of labour by 25%

If you are interested in Meaghan Doula Service an obligation-free meeting with Meaghan is arranged to see if she is what you are after as a Doula on your Birthing day.

Doula Services start from $2,200 with a $300 non-refundable deposit required at the time of booking after the initial meeting. There are many packages available for the level of support you and your partner are after. To learn more about these packages please see below. 

Meaghan's Doula Services

An obligation-free meeting to establish if we are right for your special day.

Once established a 2 -2.5 hour consultation for your pre & postnatal visits are included as well as the following:

  • Information on the natural process of birth 

  • Information on all the medical interventions 

  • In-depth information on how you may feel during Birth to support & prepare you for your desired outcome

  • Complete support for your birth companion

  • 1-week on-call period before your due date 

  • 1 week on-call period after your Birth 

  • Breastfeeding support or a referral to a Lactation a consultant

  • Referrals were needed to Natural therapists in my community

  • Aromatherapy advise & recipes

  • Massage (all treatments are a separate fee of $100 per hour)

  • Personalized essential oil blends to assist with all Pregnancy, Birth & post-natal nee

  • Dietary advice

  • Vitamin & Supplement support

  • Referral to a professional  if needed 


The Birth

An on-call period 1-week postnatal offering a full range of support. Breastfeeding, nutrition advice, aromatherapy baby massage, complete debriefing & referrals where needed. 

Your on-call period starts from 39 weeks 


Cost of Service

​Doula Services $2,000 ​

VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) $2,200

Christmas/New Years Eve period $2,500 (by approved booking only)