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I have been called to create a sacred space for women for sometime now.

Through holding many women circles over the last 20 years the message is still the same:


Women need Women.


We desire that honest and gentle space to be held for us, so we can feel seen and heard and for our healing to begin. 

Women have done this for centuries.

Whether you are near or far, this sacred sisterhood portal is for you to join via my online platform & begin a pathway to a fuller heart and deeper connection to yourself and others.

Healing the divide between women we will journey through meditation journal, prompts, guided visualisation, specific topics, thought-provoking questions, and that sacred space for it to unfold  intuitively.

What's included: 

  • live chats

  • women circles

  • one-on-one birth preparation mentoring

  • mentoring for women

  • guided audio meditations

  • special guests

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This sacred space is for anyone wanting to feel a part of something real, a connection with women that feels more heart centred.

More about connectedness rather than separateness & comparison.

We will learn from each other’s sharing and we will also find what I have always found in Women’s circles: that we are all the same, and we generally want the same...

and that is to feel heard, acknowledged and loved.

Right NOW is the time for you to join this powerful, sacred space for your soul to grow
- Meaghan Amor


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