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Doula Packages

The word Doula ( pronounced doo-la) is becoming more common in the western world. Although having a Doula by your side at Birth dates back as far as ancient Greek times.

The word Doula translates to "servant to woman".

Meaghan's Doula Services

An obligation-free meeting to establish if we are right for your special day.

Once you are all booked in a 2.5-hour consultation for your pre & postnatal visits are included as well as the following:

Information on the natural process of birth 

Information on all medical interventions 

In-depth information on how you may feel during Birth to support & prepare you for your desired outcome

Complete support for your birth companion however that looks for them

2 week on-call period before your 40-week date 

2, or more if needed, weeks of an on-call period after your Birth 

Breastfeeding support or a referral to a Lactation a consultant

Referrals were needed to Natural Therapists in our community

Aromatherapy advice & recipes

Massage (all treatments are a separate fee of $150 per hour) or pre-purchased in the packages


Dietary advice

Meditation & Visualisation guidance 

Vitamin & Supplement support

Referral to a professional if needed 

The Birth

Birth is such a BIG event, for you and your baby and your partner. Preparing for your Birth day with the support of a Doula can bring a feeling of family, support and much ease. Returning to your village & gathering all that you need & deserve all play a part towards a Better Birth.   Birth is returning to the way it once was. Women are reclaiming their wisdom & voice in the Birth space, no matter where they are Birthing.  However, if you are choosing to prepare yourself for Birth hiring a Doula will be a decision you will always reflect on. I'd love to be a part of your Birth journey & walk beside you.

Your on-call period with me will start at 38 weeks.

(if you go into spontaneous labour before my on-call period or any medical circumstances arise, I am your Doula, it's your duty to call me for support)

The Post-Birth Period

I feel the post Birth period is as important if not more for mum & bub. Deep rest is imperative for our health now & in the next 40 years of our life.

​How we rest after Birth determines how our latter years are going to be. Keeping our village around us to ensure we recover thoroughly can support us when it is time to return to the community in our new role as a Mother. A well-nourished & rested Mother.

An on-call period 2 weeks postnatal offers a full range of support.


Breastfeeding Advice

Nutrition Advice 

Full debriefing & referrals where needed. 

Postpartum nourishing food packages are prepared by my expert postpartum cook. (available in some packages below)

Closing of the Bones

Closing of the Bones brings back ancient Mexican ceremonies offered by midwives into our modern day. In some cultures, it is believed that the woman's spirit will leave her body during labour & childbirth to collect their baby bringing them back earthside. The Closing of the Bones is a beautiful ceremony using authentic traditional rebozos ( Mexican scarves ) where we wrap her body so she feels held to then release through the spoken word in the ceremony. It is offered around six weeks post Birth to invite the spirit of the woman back into her body & an opportunity to release any trauma she may have experienced.

You will experience a medicinal herbal foot bath, reiki & womb massage with my natural handmade Aromatherapy womb healing balm (foot reflexology is available in the event your womb was still sensitive). It is deeply relaxing, healing & purposeful after Birth. Women have described them as powerful. 

Cost & Details of Services

Doula Fee $3,500

Postnatal Doula Package only $1,200

Postpartum Doula Package with Closing of The Bones $1,595

Christmas/New Year's Eve period ( by approved booking only )

VBAC/HBAC support is available ( vaginal birth after cesarean & home birth after caesarean)

Supported Birth Packages

Doula Package


Full Home Birth Support or

Full Hospitol Birth Support (to be pre discussed first)

Two to Three prenatal home visits both around 2 hours with extensive discussions, education & Birth preparations, Labyrinth meditation, Breathwork, Visualisations and Postpartum Preparation.

Access to my library, Birth Sling, books

Two weeks of home-cooked nourishing Postpartum food packages, vegan options, made fresh with all your favourite seasonal foods locally sourced foods. 

I am on call for you from 38 weeks. 

Teas, Herbal sitz baths,Belly binding & Mothers warming mugwort Moxa 

Full Birth debrief.

Most sessions are approx. 2-2.5 hours, this can be booked in your home.

Often booked around 2-6 weeks post Birth depending on Mumas needs.


Postnatal Doula Services 


This support can be personalised to your individual needs


My offerings include:

  • A Birth debrief session

  • 1 hour body Massage and Reflexology

  • Herbal foot bath 

  • Aromatherapy womb healing balm treatment including belly binding with my Ayurvedic awareness training. 

  • Mothers Warming wth Mugwort (Moxa)

  • Two weeks of nourishing post-natal food including snacks & drinks adjusted to support any food allergies you  may have

  • Guided meditation & breath sessions

  • Breastfeeding support or referrals if required

  • Labyrinth meditation for self-inquiry

  • Closing of the Bones ceremony (offered 2-6 weeks post birth this is an additional cost, see below)


Exchange: $1200

Exchange: $1595 inc. Closing of the Bones


Your Post Natal Doula services can start from day one after Birth, dates and personal needs are subject to change, I flow with you.


Within the two-week time frame, there will be three visits approximately two hours each. This may change according to your needs.


If you have any questions regarding my offerings please feel free to contact me


Closing of the Bones Ceremony


 Closing of the Bones brings back ancient Mexican ceremonies offered by midwives into our modern day. In some cultures, it is believed that the Woman's Spirit will leave her body during labour and childbirth to collect their baby bringing them back to the earth.

The Closing of the Bones is a beautiful Ceremony using Authentic Traditional Rebozos ( Mexican scarves ) where we wrap her body so she feels held and then released through the spoken word in the ceremony.

It is offered two to six weeks Post Birth to invite the Spirit of the Woman back into her body and an opportunity to release any trauma she may have experienced. 

Closing of the Bones can be a ceremony offered to a woman at any time in her life.

Rites of Passage like Menopause, turning of age & closing off anything you feel you need to sever ties to.

Exchange: $450

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