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Hypnobirthing is a series of birthing techniques that focuses on self-hypnosis through an array of techniques to help the women feel relaxed and physically, mentally and spiritually prepared during childbirth. Meaghan's classes focus on allowing the couples to come together in a series of sessions that focus on education and techniques that may help in the process of labour and birth.

The best time to start is from 20/24 weeks

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Teaching the Hypnobirthing techniques & philosophy to couples is extremely rewarding. Hypnobirthing, The Mongan Method is a complete childbirth education program. Hypnobirthing dispels the myths & fears that lead to an increase in anxiety & negative expectations on the process of normal childbirth. 


In the absence of fear & stress, a woman's body is uniquely designed to Birth calmly, comfortably & with joy. Hypnobirthing teaches you unique & specific relaxation techniques to draw on during your Birth. Thousands of Birthing women have had outstanding Birth outcomes because of the Hypnobirthing program. 

What are Hypnobirthing Classes available at The Light House? 


Meaghan runs private and group hypnobirthing classes. Group classes start monthly. The group classes are held in the evenings from 6:30 pm in Currumbin. Each class runs for 2 to 2.5 hours with a small break in between. The group classes are a 5-week program with 1 class per week running consecutively on the same day each week.  


What is the cost of Hypnobirthing classes? 

Group Sessions are $650.00 per couple. 

Private Sessions are $950.00 per couple.

Private currently unavailable 


How do I make a booking? 


To make a booking and secure your spot, please head to the shop and purchase a $100 non-refundable deposit in the services section. This will secure your booking, and Meaghan will contact you with the relevant information for when classes begin.    


What can I do if I can't make a class? 


Any make-up classes for the group attendees due to rescheduling will require a fee of $195 for a 2.5-hour private class. 


What are the Terms and Conditions of the Classes? 


After the $100 non-refundable deposit is made, the balance is due 24 hours before class starts. 

All couples will be added in a group email with my bank details for payment of the balance. 

All changes, cancellations & rescheduling require 2 weeks' notice, or no refund is granted.


Is there more information on Hypnobirthing? 


Yes! Meaghan holds FREE monthly information sessions where you are free to come along and ask all the questions you like   

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