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I formulated this balm to help anitiate labour.

Its a unique blend of Blue Cohosh & Red Raspberry herbal tincture with Clarysage, Geranium, frankinsence,  Lavender & Rose PURE  esential oils 

Apply to your lower belly & lower back anytime from 40 weeks or when labour signs appear. Continue to use during labour either as a massage balm or an aromatic saviour. 

Apply a small amount to your Pulse points & accupressure points too


I use this when I attend Births as a Doula 

Here's what Brooke Skinner form the Gold Coast had to say after her Birth ecperience with it.

"It was so amazing, at the peak of each surge ,not being able to  move, the smell & the calming words of your voice totally got me through. Honestly -the best smelling Balm."


Rene -Gold Coast " It smells like the earth & heaven all in one "


The Birth Balm - $32 + $10 postage  

Total = $42


The Birth Balm

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