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Closing of the Bones brings back ancient Mexican ceremony offered by Midwives into our modern day.


In some cultures, it is believed that the woman's spirit will leave her body during labour & childbirth to collect their baby bringing them back earthside.

The Closing of the Bones is a beautiful ceremony using authentic traditional rebozos ( Mexican scarves ) where we wrap her body so she feels held to then release through the spoken word in the ceremony. It is offered around six weeks post Birth to invite the spirit of the woman back into her body & an opportunity to release any trauma she may have experienced.

It is deeply relaxing, healing & purposeful after Birth.

Closing of the Bones can be a ceremony offered to a woman at any time in her life. Rites of passage like menopause, turning of age & closing off anything you feel you need to sever ties to.


Includes a full Birth debrief, herbal tea, reiki, a ritual of your choice e.g journalling, labyrinth, womb massage using my handmade aromatherapy womb balm.


Duration 2.5-3  hours


Exchange ~​$450 Total


A $50.00 Deposit is due to secure your booking and the remaining $400.00AUD will be due after contact with Meaghan has been made to discuss dates ect.


Please note that this $50.00AUD deposit is NON-refundable.


The total remaining after the deposit has been made is $400.00AUD


Please make payment to the following account details.

BSB: 064404

Account: 10425166

Reference: COB "Your name" - e.i. "COB Holly Adams"


Please email with a copy of your transaction.


I will accept 1 reschedule per booking.

Closing of the Bones Ceremony Deposit

  • In the comfort of your home 

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