A form of healing, diagnosis & health support

 I have  been using Reflexology as a form of healing, diagnosis & health support  for over 20 years.
Reflexology is performed on your feet only.

I use a combination of Reflexology & Aromatherapy to help initiate labour.It works 99% of the time depending on how far along bub is.

Your  feet have reflex points on them relating to your entire body ...every organ, our 12 systems, our reproductive system, lungs, digestive system, heart, hips ... everything. Even your growing child is seen on your feet as an addition to your body's structure when pregnant. Its truly amazing.

I have been very successful with induction using Reflexology. With the onset of labour occurring within a few hours & mum happily  avoiding being induced by synthetic hormones.

 Reflexology increases vitality & wellbeing. Reflexology will only balance your bodies function,
never over stimulating, just balancing.
As a Doula, Reflexology is an added service for my clients which they love...

​$95 per hour