Post natal Doulas have also been called angels sent from heaven.....

Being a postnatal  Doula is as vital, if not more important as a Birth Doula.

We focus a lot on the pregnancy & the birth but miss the importance of the post natal period ,starting at day 1. 
It is very overwhelming, exciting & exhausting  bringing your new baby home . A new mum soon discovers the not so joyous feelings of sleep deprivation...physical aches & pains, tender breasts possibly cracked nipples & mastitis. Just to mention a few possible but very common post natal symptoms. 

All manageable with me as your post natal doula by your side.
As a Post Natal Doula I provide a list of helpful services. I come into your home as early as day 1 & help you feel more relaxed & confident.
I will assist you with... 
Breast feeding support
Infant massage 
Post Natal massage for you
Birth debriefing & healing any unexpected outcomes
Sleep support for bub
A break to have a rest yourself
Vitamin & supplement support
Dietary advice
Referrals where needed
Post Natal Doula services cost:  $750
Starting from day 1 at home or hospital
I am available to you for one week, each visit for approx 1.5 -2 hours