Wives ....

You all impact how she Births greatly...
You are not an onlooker

Birth preparation is VITAL for you to have a Birth story fit for life...

Meaghan Amor


Too often I see the partners not too sure about what is going to happen during the Birth. As a first time Dad that can be really daunting.

Some anti natal classes can be very medical without the real support they need - the time & space for them to clear any fears, be there completely for their woman.


Educated that Birth is a right of passage for the woman & that the transition from man to father is also to be honoured & cherished.

We have come along way since the time when men weren't allowed in the birthing room with their wife.

One of my services as a Doula is to spend time with the couple saving space for the man to talk about his fears, his needs, his wants &  hopes too.

As I have witnessed babies being born into the arms of a loving couple - it is the mans presence & support too that makes a huge impact on the birth outcome.

I offer private sessions with couples to support them in clearing the pathway to Birth, so that man & the women can be heard & supported completely to create a blissful birth experience.

Offering an honest conversation can be rewarding & empowering.
The sessions last 1.5 hours, (or more if desired). 

My HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education Programme is the key to your Birthing partner having full understanding of the Birthing process, his or her role & being 100% confident.



Q1. had you heard  of a doula before your wife mentioned what they are?
No I hadn't

Q2. How did it make you feel initially?
I liked the idea of my wife having a support person that she trusted, as I have confidence in the medical system but aware that a particular doctor/ nurses /
midwifes shift may end during my wife giving birth, also that they may not be supportive in our birthing plan.
Q3. When you met Meaghan what was your first impressions?
I found Meaghan, caring, calming, confident and knowledgeable. 
Q4. Did you feel that a Doula would  "take over" from your role as the first support person/ the husband?
Yes there was reservations in my mind at having someone else present at the birth of my son initially, but wanting the best possible outcome for my wife and child is became an easy decision to choose Meaghan to be our Doula. 

Q5. Birth is quite intimate too was it uncomfortable having a 3rd person ?
No not at all , in fact it was an amazing help and relief . It allowed my wife and I to stay connected and having a less fearful or unknown experience. In fact my wife really appreciated her, and I was really glad she was there cause I couldn't push the heat pack down hard enough or massage right for that 22 hours! 

Q6. Did Meaghan also provide you with information & acknowledge your importance during the pre natal period , the Birth & postnatal period?
Yes she did and she was fantastic 
Q7. Would you recommend Meaghan to a man if he was becoming a dad for the 1st time?
Yes I would! 
Q8. Bowie if you have another a baby would you hire Meaghan again?
Absolutely, Yes!
Q9. What was the most important part for you for having Meaghan as your Doula?
Feeling safe in the birthing room . Also the knowledge she gave us before birth about the process and the stages of birthing. Really allowed my wife and I to stay calm , comfortable and trusting . To which my Wife was able to stay confident and empowered and deliver the way we intended too, we did encounter a panicky medical system, to which they would have intervened, but with Meaghans help and all of us staying strong, my wife was able to deliver naturally our beautiful son! 
Thank You Meaghan , We love you!