A true right of passage to womanhood

Imagine returning a baby shower back to what it originally was  - a beautiful Blessing Way
Where the muma is gifted recognition from her mother, grandmother, friends and sisters for her strength and power in her ability to birth her baby gently and calmly.

Traditionally a Navajo Indian ceremony honoring Maiden to Mother.

There are many ways to honor the birthing woman, language from your heart seems to be the most powerful and unforgettable and the words she will draw on when it’s time to birth.

A birthing bracelet intertwined all together with prayer and tied off and worn by her sisters until the birthing day where it is released and all the energy is returned the mum during birth

I invite maidens to personalize their Blessing Way

Affirmations created in circle as a ritual...

Bath salts created by your friends...

She will be adorned with prayer and poetry or simply a beautiful message from your heart

The gift of light in the form of a candle chosen by her sisters that will be lit when her baby decides it’s time to come earthside.

Cost : $350

It is normally a 2-2.5 hour event 

All set up & pack down is inclusive in the fee

Tea Coffee & cold drinks provided

Floor mandala is created by me ( see Instagram highlights )

Catering organised my maiden

To book your Blessing Way & and discuss how you would like your personal ceremony to be hosted contact me here

Blessingway Sisters
Blessingway Mama..
Blessingway Meaghan Amor
Blessingway Baby
Blessingway Mother and Daughter
Blessingway Food
Blessingway Flower Crown
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